Ballet Dancers in Random Situations (by Jordan Matter)

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The Future Sleep Suit by Forrest Jessee

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Anatomical Man

Professor Dr. Claudia Diaz developed an innovative educational approach to engage graduates in their study. over a period of 18 hours, a student volunteer was fully transformed into a highly-detailed, and biologically accurate anatomical man. with the help of body paint and models, a team of five students meticulously concealed his entire body in layers of pigment, painstakingly coloring the muscles and tendons to be scientifically sound, in an indication of what the human body would look like if it were to be stripped of the skin.

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Ephemeral skin compositions by Ariana Russell

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Star Dust (by Molly Strohl)

It is often an unrecognized fact that humans are made of the same matter and atoms as stars. Our fragile human bodies are so much more connected with the universe than we commonly believe ourselves to be, and Molly Strohi want to re-establish that connection with Star Dust. she had originally intended the series to be fashion driven, but as soon as she started taking photos, it was clear that the emotion was more important to me than the clothes. 

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Contemporary techniques to design a unique retail structure that will house a collection of raw timeless jewelry pieces by Boffo 

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 Cats dressed up as sushi 

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Insect Homes From Couture Textiles (by Aki Inomata)

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Francis Bitonti Studio Collaborated with Michael Schmidt Studios and Shapeways to create a fully articulated 3D printed gown designed specifically for Dita Von Teese (Photo by Albert Sanchez). The gown has nearly 3000 unique articulated joints and is adorned with over 12,000 Swarovski crystals.

Client: Michael Schmidt Studios

Fabulous Beauty !!

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